About the museum

In 1902 Carl Jacobsen established the New Carlsberg Foundation to create the economic basis for the running of the Glyptotek. The museum is run by the Danish state and the New Carlsberg Foundation as an independent institution.

The Board of Trustees of the Museum
Chairman: Karsten Ohrt (The New Carlsberg Foundation)
Morten Kyndrup (The New Carlsberg Foundation)
Stine Høholt (The New Carlsberg Foundation)
Carl Bache (Carlsbergfondet) 
Karoline Prien Kjeldsen (appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture)
Annette Sadolin (appointed by the Board of Trustees)  
Karl Adrian (Personnel/Staff Representative Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)

Christine Buhl Andersen, Director
Louise Rue Moos, Deputy Director

The Collection
Rune Frederiksen, Head of Collections
Anne Marie Nielsen, Curator
Jan Kindberg Jacobsen, Curator
Tine Bagh, Curator
Julie Lejsgaard Christensen, Assistant Curator
Cecilie Brøns, Postdoc Scholar
Line Clausen Pedersen, Curator
Kamilla Louise Hansen, Educator
Christine Horwitz Tommerup, Assistant Curator

Mai Dengsøe Hansen,Assistant
Nikoline Sauer Petersen, Assistant
Katja Elisabeth Vinther, Curatorial Assistant
Maria Weis Steenkjær, Asssistant
Neil Martin Stanford, Translator

Communications and Marketing
Cille Grøndahl Mønsted, Head of Sales and Marketing
Camillla Stisen Gammel, Event Coordinator
Mikael Ipsen, IT & Web Manager
Christopher Thiesen, IT Supporter

Accounts & Administration
Laila Mørk Lildballe, Fundraiser
Pernille Bruun, Accountant
Lene Iven, HR and Office Assistant
Vibeke Holte, Museum Secretary
Ana Cecilia Gonzalez, Assistant

Rebecca Hast, Conservator
Tina Thunø, Registrar

Museum Shop
Sabina Sømod, Shop Manager
Anders Peter Sørensen, Book Buyer
Johan Danneskiold-Samsøe, Shop Assistant

Maintenance and Technical Services
Karl Adrian, Facility Manager
Michael Jakobsen, Head of Visitors
Jeanet Klevang, Canteen Manager
Rasmus Bræmer Enke, Teamleader of Installing
Bjørn Hansen, Installer
Lars Haugan, Installer
Rasmus Feigh-Offersen, Installer
Henrik Hansen, Carpenter
Hugo Boelsmand Pedersen, Painter
Inge Lindhardt, Gardener
Jan Munkvad, Ancillary Staff


Dantes Plads 7
DK-1556 Copenhagen V
Tel. (+45) 3341 8141

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
Thursday 11 am – 10 pm
Monday closed

Closed on the following days: January 1st, June 5th, December 24th and 25th.

what's on

19.3.2017 to 31.12.2017
9 July 2017 12.00