Gauguin & Polynesia - An elusive paradise

Vinterferien: fra sans og samling på Glyptoteket
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Exhibition: 24.09 - 31.12 2011

This autumn the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek will show more than 50 of the artist’s famous motifs from Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands – many of them being exhibited in Denmark for the first time.

The art and cultures of Polynesia are presented independently and comprehensively with around 60 artefacts from the islands, which inspired Gauguin: cult statues, jewellery (some of it made from human hair and bones) weapons as well as tattoo patterns – from the period 1800 until Gauguin’s death in 1903.

Visitors will be able to see objects and ornaments he made direct use of in his painting, but, in particular one will gain an insight into mores and customs in the French colony at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Wildness and masterpieces

Gauguin & Polynesia – An Elusive Paradise” pursues the artist’s idea of the primitive, from his time in Copenhagen and Brittany on to the Tahiti period, which has made him famous.

Gauguin called himself “Oviri” – the savage. He invented and refined his own form of primitive art, equal parts abstraction and observation of nature. The exhibition illustrates his intense search for a new way of telling stories in art about the human being, the erotic and the mysteries of life.

Posterity has shown enormous interest in Gauguin’s art, his personality and his life. His pictures from Tahiti are today icons of the meeting of European art with alien cultures, and he inspired such painters as Picasso and Matisse. With Gauguin, art becomes seriously modern.

Gauguin in Denmark and at the Glyptotek

The Glyptotek has a special relationship to Gauguin. With its 46 works, the Gauguin collection is one of the largest in the world. Gauguin spent the winter of 1884-85 in Copenhagen with his Danish wife Mette (née Gad) and her family.

The Glyptotek holds several of the artist’s works from that period

Activities and guided tours

Every Sunday for the duration of the exhibition (24.9. – 31.12.) there will be free guided tours for the public at 2.00 p.m. in Danish and I.00 p.m. in English. Entry to the museum on Sunday is free.

Posterity has shown an enormous interest in Gauguin’s art, but also in his character and personal life. His pictures of Tahiti are today icons of the encounter of European art with alien cultures and he inspired painters such as Picasso and Matisse. With Gauguin, art becomes seriously modern.

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