Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek celebrates J.C. Jacobsen’s 200th birthday

Vinterferien: fra sans og samling på Glyptoteket
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On 2nd. September the founder of Carlsberg will be 200 years old. To mark the occasion, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has invited the painter and graphic artist Jesper Christiansen to be a guest exhibitor in the museum’s collection of Danish Golden Age painting.

From 2nd September until the 31st December, visitors to the Glyptotek will be able to see three new works by the Danish painter and graphic artist Jesper Christiansen. The paintings have been created to mark the 200th birthday of the brewing magnate J.C. Jacobsen. The brewer was the father of Carl Jacobsen, founder of the Glyptotek, and was a pioneer in Danish industry and science.

From the precision of the Danish Golden Age to the modern industrial world

With this exhibition, ”ICI – Good to be Here”, Jesper Christiansen zooms in on three locations which were important to the old brewer. The point of departure is the Jacobsen family and the breweries in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby, but the works also transport visitors to Italy and France; a journey in thought, memory and dream. The exhibition will be held in the recently re-hung collection of Danish Golden Age painting, in the room with the theme ”Travel Memories”

The Brewer and his Son

J.C. Jacobsen left his mark critically on the world around him, in political, industrial and cultural terms. He travelled frequently and often liked to take his only son Carl with him. Business was mixed with intellectual experiences on their cultural journeys and although they disagreed on many questions they were united in their desire to uplift spiritually their fellow Danes and add to the beauty of Denmark and Copenhagen.

About the artist

Jesper Christiansen (born1955) was trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen where he has been professor for a number of years. Artist Jesper Christiansen was trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and, as a young man, took drawing classes at the Glyptotek. Most recently he has been involved in the decoration of the private apartments of the Danish Crown Prince and Princess in Amalienborg Palace.

The whole ”Carlsberg Family” is celebrating the day

Besides the Glyptotek, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, Frederiksborg Museum, the Carlsberg Group and Carlsbergs Mindelegat are putting on a number of activities in the fields where J.C. Jacobsen left his mark: industry, science, art and culture.

Download ”Carlsberg Family” programme for the year.


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