Vinterferien: fra sans og samling på Glyptoteket
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New lighting installed
From 26th March the Glyptotek will increase its weekly opening times by 10 hours. At the same time the museum will be presenting a markedly different museum experience when the sun sets. The reason for this lies in a radical, ultra-modern, 12 million kroner lighting scheme which the Glyptotek, with generous support from the New Carlsberg Foundation, is in the process of installing in the museum’s exhibition rooms.  


“The Glyptotek, Carl Jacobsen’s treasure chest, is a world class museum whose collection deserves the very best setting. For this reason we in the New Carlsberg Foundation have chosen to finance a new lighting scheme which enables ever more people to visit the museum – after the onset of darkness as well,” says Karsten Ohrt, Chairman of the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Light and more time
Light and time are the two factors which mean most in the experience of art. The Glyptotek came into the world as a daylight museum back in 1897, and has to a large extent been  a museum without artificial illumination until now. Daylight on the Glyptotek’s sculptures has performed its task well and will continue to do so. However, the limited opening hours have made a visit in the dark winter months something of a challenge. With its support for the both discreet and striking LED lighting scheme, the New Carlsberg Foundation meets the Glyptotek’s wish for a massive improvement in the museum experience and increased accessibility.

“It’s all about creating an experience for our visitors based on the natural raw materials to be found in every museum: the works of art’s own narrative and sensuousness . The renewal lies in the possibility of contemplation. The Glyptotek should be experienced as a leisurely place. It is a space where the art of millennia is brought together and where a unique combination of architecture and hothouse promotes a particular contemplative tranquility. This tranquility is the point of departure for our work in the presentation of our collection. The Glyptotek is an oasis and a historical prism – all anchored by one man’s near-absurd dream of bringing together the cultures of antiquity and the best of his own era’s French art. The new light is a re-actualisation of Brewer Jacobsen’s gift to the Danes – a gift that keeps giving,” says Flemming Friborg, Director of the Glyptotek.

Two museum experiences
During daytime the museum will still be lit by natural light. But from now on it will be a markedly different Glyptotek experience when darkness falls and the lights are switched on. It is a completely new, flexible kind of museum light which can be adjusted subtly room for room and supplements the experience with individual scenographic effects.
The evening illumination adds an extra dimension to the visit. After darkness falls the experience of the Glyptotek acquires a different sort of intimacy, and what is already a magical building truly comes into its own when the collection’s gods, heroes and human beings step forward out of the shadows.

Three extra months in which to visit
Accessibility is a live issue in the museum landscape. The museum’s opening hours have become something of a restriction for many when the doors to experience and information are typically closed after normal working hours. But with the new lighting scheme the Glyptotek improves accessibility during a time of day when more visitors will be able to attend. From 26th March opening days will be extended by one hour up to 6.00 p.m. Likewise, the museum will be operating extra late every Thursday to 10.00 p.m. – a total of 10 extra hours per week – an increase equivalent to three extra months a year in which to visit.
See the Glyptotek’s new opening hours.

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