Hjørring Music School

Concert: 5.5. at 11.30 p.m.
This world premier will mark the 100th anniversary of Dansk Komponistforening (The Danish Society of Composers), and is the culmination of a joint project between Hvidovre Music School, Hjørring Music School and the composer Kuno Kjærbye.

”Jagt og Forvandling” (Hunt and Metamorphosis) is a musical retelling of the Celtic myth of Taliesin, the Bard at the Court of King Arthur. Kuno Kjærbye has worked with composition students from the music school and choristers from the school choirs and together they have created both text and music. This process has, via the arrangement for artists in residence, been supported by the Danish Statens Kunstråd, just as its completion is supported by the country’s Statens Kunstfond.

The work will appeal to all and is an exciting fusion of music inspired by both Irish folk music and more classical and modern sounds.

On stage for the world premier of ”Jagt og Forvandling” will be an ensemble of star pupils from Hjørring Music School with piano, percussion, wind instruments and a string ensemble from Hvidovre Music School. This is in addition to school choirs from both municipalities.