Musica Ficta

Concert: 31st March at 3.00 p.m.
The ensemble Musica Ficta under the direction of Bo Holten celebrate in a series of Easter concerts the 400th anniversary of the death of the composer Carlo Gesualdo.

Gesualdo is best known for his madrigals, but late in his dramatic - not to say tempestuous - life as a fabulously wealthy duke in Renaissance Italy, he began to write church music, in which he used the experience he had harvested as a wild composer of madrigals.

The result was some of the most characteristically beautiful and strangely attractive, mannered compositions which the Late Renaissance produced. Gesualdo  composed nusic for the entire Easter Liturgy, for Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and for “Sabbato Sancto”.

At the Easter Concerts the ensemble will perform Gesualdo ' s  Music for Good Friday together with his Passion Motets.

Free admission to the concert and the museum.

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