One Work of Art: Trajan Close Up

One of the Glyptotek’s most important works, the large cuirass statue of Emperor Trajan, has just returned to the museum after having been the main attraction in the exhibition “The Age of Balance” at the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Trajan was the first of the so-called Adoptive Emperors, who, in the period AD 98 to 180, ruled the Roman Empire with great military and administrative skills.

It was under Trajan, in fact, that the empire reached its greatest geographical extent: from Northern England to the Caspian Sea, incl. the lands around the Mediterranean, Mare Nostrum. During this period, the first and second centuries AD, the cuirass statue was especially popular. This type of statue was an expression of superb military qualities on behalf of the subject.

Armour was originally worn by the emperor during a triumphal parade and the decoration on the cuirass frequently comprised symbols of victory, and the divine protection of the emperors. Until the 21st October the statue is to be found centrally positioned in the Lion Hall giving an opportunity to get close to Trajan and examine the statue from all angles. 

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