War and storm. Treasures from the sea around Sicily

Guided tour in English: 29 June at 8 p.m.
Voyages of discovery and trade across the Mediterranean have taken place ever since the Early Bronze Age. Because of its geographical location Sicily became a natural centre for traffic across the Mediterranean. Thus various peoples – Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans – exchanged goods, knowledge and cultural customs and have contributed to Sicily’s reputation as an exotic marketplace. But for the seafarers of Antiquity the risk of shipwreck was just as great as the chance of turning a profit. Even if the ship managed to avoid pirates or deadly reefs and rocks, there was always the risk of falling into the clutches of one of the many dangerous mythological creatures who inhabited the sea. On the guided tour through the present special exhibition, “War and Storm: Treasures from the Sea Around Sicily,” we dive beneath the surface of the many stories of shipwrecks from the ancient world, and catch a glimpse of the fantastic wrecks which surround Sicily today like a unique necklace.

There are a limited number of tickets for the guided tours. They cannot be reserved in advance but should be collected from the ticket desk on the day.



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