Memories from the Glyptotek

Every day is a magical day at the Glyptotek, but unfortunately it is not all the magical moments that we see or hear about. Therefore, as part of the museum’s anniversary celebration, we asked you to send us all your best memories from the museum.

On this page you can read a selection of the museum visitors’ memories. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Memory // Sara Nassehi nejad

Dear Glyptotheket,
My name is Sara and moved to Copenhagen five years ago from Germany.

For one year during my time in Denmark I was living in Aarhus and met great people there. Two of these are my close friends Inna and Kate from Estonia and Latvia. After I moved back to Copenhagen they came to visit me and wanted to see what Copenhagen has to offer as they were thinking of also relocating to Copenhagen after living in Aarhus for 10 years.

They said:”Sara, show us one of your favorite places in Copenhagen and show us why we should move here”. And guess where I took them? Of course to the beautiful Glyptoteket. We had a wonderful afternoon together checking out every tiny bit of the Glyptotheket and every exhibition. Fast forward one year and both moved to Copenhagen and I am now able to spend time with them whenever we can.

This is my favorite memory of the Glyptotheket. I am sure that the beauty and cultural experience really helped to make them fall in love with the thought of moving.

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Memory // Mathilde Mosca

In August 2021, on the 3rd date with my boyfriend. I fell in love with him on the 3rd floor.

It was my turn to find THE idea. I thought that going to a museum would be nice, watching him moving around. Art can bring up different emotions and you don’t need an extensive background to talk about it.

So I fell in love with him on the 3rd floor of Glyptoteket, the exhibition was called « BES ». Bès is the ancient Egyptian god of childbirth, fertility, sexuality, party, humor and war. And we much. Just because Bès was represented with a huge penis. Thought it would have been in front of a romantic painting, but you never know when or where love hit you.

Love is hidden in a detail. In a smile, in a look. In a fun repartee. In a manner of lowering the head or facing. In the gentleness mixed with violence. In a burst of laughter. In a sensitivity that is concealed from the eyes of others but that so easily shines through for you. In this surprise felt in front of this person. Thanks to Glyptoteket for this moment, that spark I will never forget.

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Memory // Mette Wistoft

I took our 14 years old girl to see Suzanne Valadon, and it made us talk about colors and light, and of course about female painters. On top of that we simply enjoyed the beautiful building, the picture is from staircase to the Suzanne Valadon exhibition.

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