The Glyptotek is open!

Good news at last. After 2 long months, the Glyptotek is now open again!

Though the museum was closed, we did not waste a single moment. For one thing, we managed to extend the run of the current special exhibition – The Enigmatic Collector. Helge Jacobsen’s Pinacotheca (read more) – to 18 October 2020. Staff have also been busy installing another special exbhibition, – Tal R. Animals and People (read more) which opens on 18 June. Another major project involves rehanging the Glyptotek’s outstanding collection of Danish art from 1780 to 1930. This innovative display of major paintings, sculptures and drawings will be open to the public from early July.

It goes without saying that the museum’s shop and café, Picnic are also open again (read more).

We look forward to seeing you all at the Glyptotek again. But of course things are going to be a little different from before. Below we provide you with an overview of everything you need to be aware of, not only in terms of looking out for one another, but also – just  as importantly – for enjoying a great visit to the Glyptotek.

The first few days will be about everyone getting used to the guidelines, so hopefully we can all help each other. We ask you please to be patient with us if some things are not yet up to speed.

The Glyptotek takes the safety of its visitors very seriously. We adhere strictly to the guidelines laid down by the Danish Health Authority and have introduced a number of measures to make any visit to the Glyptotek a safe and sensible one.

We encourage everyone to buy their ticket or season ticket online (read more).

We scan tickets and season tickets in the lobby when visitors arrive at the museum.

If you are unable to purchase a ticket online, there is still the option of doing so at the ticket counter.

If you wish to see the special exhibition(s) on a Tuesday, you need to buy a special ticket. Special exhibition tickets are only available for purchase at the museum’s ticket counter.

See all ticket prices etc. here

Opening Times:
Our opening times are the same as always. The museum will also be open on Whit Monday (1 June) and Constitution Day (5 June), when we would normally close, so everyone has an extra opportunity to visit the museum at this early stage of reopening.

See our opening times here.

Social distancing:
The Glyptotek is a large building with plenty of room for a lot of people. We will constantly make sure that not too many people gather in one place.

We will count all guests as they enter the museum, and again as they leave, in order to ensure that there are never too many people in the museum at any one time.

There are signs and social distancing markers at points where queues might occur. We urge all visitors to help by maintaining a safe distance. We will of course also do our bit to ensure adherence to the guidelines.

Hand sanitiser is available, and visitors can wash their hands regularly in the museum’s toilets.

At the Glyptotek our cleaners are being even more meticulous than usual. Surfaces subject to frequent contact are a particular priority.

To reduce the number of contact surfaces, we urge our visitors to avoid using the cloakroom as far as possible. This means, for instance, that you should think carefully about what bag you bring to the museum.

Bags measuring more than 30x30x10 cm are not permitted in the museum. If you cannot avoid bringing a larger bag, then of course you may still use the cloakroom.

Should you have any questions or require any guidance during your visit, we will be more than happy to assist you. At the same time, please remember to maintain safe social distance from members of the museum’s staff.

Groups, guided tours, education:
In accordance with government guidelines, until further notice there will be no events, guided tours, teaching activities etc. that would result in crowding. Keep an eye on the calendar for more.

Recommendations from the Danish Health Authorities:

We request all our visitors to comply with the government’s recommendations and instructions:

If you have symptoms – even mild symptoms – of COVID-19, stay at home.

Wash your hands frequently – or use hand sanitiser.

Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow. Wash or sanitise your hands immediately afterwards.

Maintain at least 1 metre’s distance from other guests and museum staff.

Maintain at least 2 metres’ distance in situations where there may be an increased risk of droplet transmission, or if you are in close proximity to people who require special attention (e.g. the elderly).

Avoid handshakes and hugs.

Ask other people to show consideration.