Culture Night at the Glyptotek

/ 11. October 2019
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Take a break from the hectic city life and visit Copenhagen’s very own oasis at the Glyptotek.

Join us for an evening of sensuous impressions: Explore the antique collection in a new lighting designed by Iben Winther Orton while listening to an oasis-inspired soundtrack developed by The Lake. Discover the newly opened special exhibition The Road to Palmyra, which shows an antique multicultural community set in a busy oasis town and let the children colour the Beauty of Palmyra. You can also enjoy a dinner inspired by the Middle East in the Glyptoteks’ café, Picnic.

On this evening you need a Culture Pass to access the Glyptotek. Culture Passes can be purchased in the museum shop at the Glyptotek from September 30 or in all 7-Eleven stores in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Drawing workshop for children
6pm – 8.00pm
In the Central Hall, children and their adults can try their hand at colouring in The Beauty of Palmyra one of the main pieces in the special exhibition The Road to Palmyra.

Introductions to the special exhibition The Road to Palmyra (In Danish)
During the evening we offer introductions to the special exhibition The Road to Palmyra, after which you can explore the collection of tomb portraits and experience the special sound scapes on your own.

The feeling of the oasis in the Antiquity
Throughout the evening you can experience the special feeling of the oasis in the ancient collection. The museum’s Greek and Roman collections are staged in a unique golden desert sunlight combined with an exciting soundtrack.

See the full Culture Night programme here.

Dinner at Picnic
6pm – 8.30pm
It will be possible to purchase dinner for adults and children alike in Picnic, the cafe situated at the Winter Garden. It will also be possible to buy light snacks, drinks, coffee and cake throughout the evening.
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Special exhibition

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Enjoy a delicious brunch or lunch at "Picnic" overlooking the Glyptotek's beautiful Winter Garden.


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