The Road to Palmyra

/ 23. February 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Standing in the dusty Syrian desert are the ruins of the imposing oasis city, Palmyra. Palmyra was a centre for trade between East and West during the Roman Empire in the first 300 years of the Common Era. Long-distance trade generated huge wealth in the city. Caravans and ships transported silk from China, spices, precious stones and dyes from India, pearls, myrrh and frankincense from Arabia, ivory from Africa, and wine and metals from the West. Join a guided tour for a close-up experience of this wonderful desert city and the Glyptotek’s huge collection of Palmyran tomb sculptures – the largest in the world outside Syria. The tomb portraits depict the upper class residents of Palmyra. Thanks to the inscriptions in the tomb monuments, we still know their names, their ancestry and the dates they died. Hear about the legendary rebel Queen Zenobia, about cultural encounters, Orientalism and a city’s rise and fall: about magnificent Palmyra, today at the centre of wars and violence.

There are a limited number of tickets for the guided tours. They cannot be reserved in advance but should be collected from the ticket desk on the day.

The guided tour is free when the entrance to the museum has been paid.