Slow. An Evening of Rebellion

/ 06. February 2020
4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Rebellion is a combination of powerlessness and power. Rebellion is resistance to norms and authority. Rebellion assumes many forms and has at all times contributed to changes in societal structures. Rebellion happens in words, in music, in pictures and in actions – and it is happening at the Glyptotek on Thursday 6 February. Meet Christian Lollike, Jeanett Albeck, Knud Foldschack, GP&PLS, Lone Aburas, Spartacus, Antigone and many more.

4.15 (DK) + 5.15 (DK) + 7.15 pm (UK)
An In-Depth Look at a Work. A pharaoh’s showdown with the gods
The pharaoh Akhenaten broke with the ancient Egyptian gods, closed temples and destroyed status. In his place, Akhenaten instated the sun’s disk, Aten as the one-and-only god. Was he a rebel or a religious fanatic?
Meeting point – ‘Fra blok til krop’. 15 mins.

4.30 (DK) + 5.45 (DK) + 6.30 (DK) + 7.45 pm (UK)
An In-Depth Look at a Work. Rebellion in a film roll.
In this digital age the Euro-British contemporary artist Tacita Dean insists on using 35mm film. Get an introduction to her ambitious film work Antigone, that shares its name with Sophocles’ tragic heroine, whose utterances against power led to her death.
Meeting point – ‘Fra blok til krop’. 15 mins. Limited places.

4.45 (DK) + 6.00 (DK)  + 8.00 pm (UK)
An In-Depth Look at a Work. Rebellious Spartacus
The ancient world was a slave society, in which people could own other people. Most slaves lived a wretched life, and this led to slave uprisings and rebellions. One such revolt took place from 73 to 71 BC, led by Spartacus, a Thracian slave. But could the slave rebellion change conditions for the slaves?
Meeting point – ‘Fra blok til krop’. 15 mins.

5.00-5.30 pm
A Welcome Glass of Carlsberg Beer

The Winter Garden

5.00 + 6.00 pm
Workshop. Make Your Own Activism.
What would you like to change in the world? And what are you good at? Activist and lecturer Sif Østergaard Zachariassen will help you combine the answers to these two questions and enable you to create societal change with your personal qualities and skills.
Carl’s bar. 30 mins.

5.00 + 6.00 pm
Concert. Beethoven
Duo Diathéseis play Beethoven’s intense Kreutzer Sonata, Op.47, No.9 for violin and piano, regarded as extremely rebellious in its day.
The Winter Garden. 20 mins.

5.00-8.00 pm
Choose from a handful of selected dishes. Remember to book a table here to be sure of a meal.

5.30 pm
Performance. Goodiepal & Pals
Even the organiser will be in for a surprise when Goodiepal & Pals take over the Central Hall with their performance. Anything can happen. But be prepared for a ‘Revolution School’. Are you brave enough to take part?
The Central Hall. 30 mins.

5.30 pm (DK) + 6.30 pm (UK)
Guided Tour. The Façade in Flames
As part of the Copenhagen Light Festival, the façade of the Glyptotek will be aglow with ‘flames’, featuring a light installation created by the internationally-renowned lighting designer, Jesper Kongshaug and a group of students from NEXT (an educational institution in Copenhagen).
Meeting point – Fra blok til krop. Remember your jacket! 30 mins.

6.15 pm (DK)
Conversation. Knud Foldschack and Lene Johansen
The lawyer, Knud Foldschack is an expert at creating discussion in situations in which the majority just about swamps the rebellious minority. Together with journalist Lene Johansen he will explain how complex cases, involving the likes of Christiania and Jagtvej 69, can be ‘translated’ into the legal system.
The Central Hall. 40 mins.

7.00 pm (DK)
Reading. Lone Aburas.

Lone Aburas’s works are known for their red-hot critique of society. She reads extracts from her new poetry collection, Den sorte bog (b-sider) and the staggering agit-prop publication, Det er et jeg der taler (Regnskabets time), which received the Montana Literature Prize in 2017.
Meeting point – Carl’s Bar. 15-20 mins.

7.30 pm (DK)
Conversation. Christian Lollike on the theatre’s political potential
Hear about how the artistic director of Teatret Sort/Hvid. uses his scene to create debates and to nudge societal standards. No topic is too controversial, and Lollike is not afraid of criticism. Christian Lollike talks to journalist Rune Skyum about his work and what drives him.
The Central Hall. 45 mins.

8.15 pm (DK)
Concert. Jeanett Albeck’s Songs from BRØGGER
The composer/actor Jeanett Albeck performs her musical interpretation of Suzanne Brøgger’s iconic writings. Particularly in the 1970s, they shattered the notion of the nuclear family, gender roles and women’s place in society. The music is from the extremely successful performance concert, BRØGGER, staged at Revolver theatre on Østerbro.
The Winter Garden. 20 mins.

Thank you for coming this evening!


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