Winter holiday at the Glyptotek. Patterns and Monsters

/ 14. February 2023
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Winter holiday is coming, and this is the last chance for children and their adults to find their inner artist and spark their creativity in the Glyptotek’s clay workshop.

Draw inspiration from the museum’s huge array of patterns, monsters, ornaments and mythical creatures and create your own works for a major joint exhibition.

The workshop’s participants can print in clay, inspired by the imaginative, rich details of the museum’s building. The clay prints will be displayed on a huge exhibition wall, together forming an impressive, constantly-evolving joint work of art.

The workshop design was inspired by the architecture and colours of the Glyptotek.

Make sure you also explore the entrancing architecture of the museum, closely perusing the endless quirky patterns, grotesque monsters, flowers, animals, seashells, fruits and angel wings that adorn the walls, floors and ceilings.

Mønstre og Monstre – Glyptotekets lerværksted

Patterns and Monsters is for children of all ages and their adults.

Admission to the Glyptotek and participation in the workshop are both free of charge for children and young people under the age of 18.

At any one time, there is space for 40 people in the workshop. In the lobby and at the ticket office, you can pick up a leaflet that will tell you where to find it.

At the museum’s information desk or at the entrance/exit of the workshop, you can also grab a ‘Glypto Game’, specially devised for children and their adults, and set off together in search of all the patterns and monsters that decorate the museum’s architecture.

In the workshop, the hosts, either trained artists or museum teachers/interpreters, will help you get started.

Winter holiday (week 7 and 8): Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 am. – 3.00 pm.

Plan your visit to start no later than 2.30 pm, so you have time to create your own clay work. The workshop closes at 3 pm.

A caring workshop
The workshop’s aprons are made from old exhibition banners from the museum’s façade, and all the furniture in the workshop was constructed using recycled materials from a previous exhibition. The clay for the workshop will also be recycled when the workshop closes.

The workshop is the result of collaboration with Kurtzweil Exhibition Design, and the custom-made plaster stamps were devised together with the artist Ida Retz Wessberg.

Thank you for the generous support
The workshop, Patterns and Monsters is part of the Glyptotek’s 125th anniversary celebration of Vilhelm Dahlerup’s building and the project Living Buildings – Exploring the Architecture of the Glyptotek, which is generously funded by the following foundations:


The project is part of Kickstart Kulturturismen (Kickstart Cultural Tourism), which is funded by Dansk Storbyturisme and Wonderful Copenhagen’s Culture Test Lab.

The clay for the workshop is sponsored by Cerama. The aprons are made out of old exhibition banners and produced by the social-economic enterprise, I Tråd Med Verden.


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