Yoga at The Glyptotek. Saluting the Sun

/ 04. May 2023
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Come to yoga in the Glyptotek’s beautiful Central Hall. We mark the special exhibition ‘Amarna – City of the Sun God’ by sending love to the sun in a specifically designed yoga program, where we focus on one of the most famous yoga sequences: The Sun Salutation.

Ancient Egypt and Indian yoga might seem far apart, but across all times, borders, and cultures the sun has played an essential and vitalizing role.

In this session we will gently go through all positions and transitions of the Sun Salutation, while we delve into the techniques and the sequence as a whole. Together we will work towards making the whole sequence in flow and explore what a Sun Salutation can also contain. Finally, we slow down and end with relaxation in Savasana.

Your ticket includes free admission to the Glyptotek all day, so you can enjoy the museum’s atmosphere and explore the collections and special exhibition.


The year is 1350 BCE. We are in ancient Egypt, where magic and animal deities play a crucial role in society. When the Pharaoh Akhenaten comes to power, he abolishes the ancient animal deities and ordains a new religion. Now, it is permitted only to worship the sun god, Aten. The new cult leads to major social upheaval, and the royal couple decides to move and build a new place of residence: a magnificent new city, known today as Amarna.

Yoga at the Glyptotek is for anyone who wants to connect their body with their breath and shed positive light on body and mind. The session is open to both beginners and people who already have experience with yoga. You can borrow a yoga mat at the museum, so just turn up in comfortable clothes suitable for moving around.

The yoga teacher, Joséphine Renard has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching since 2014. Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone – even people who cannot touch their toes, who have injuries or who might carry a few extra kilos. She bases her exercises on sensing the body trough movement and breathing. You can read more about Joséphine on

Arrive well in advance so you have time to lock your belongings in a locker in the cloakroom. Please note that you may not bring your own yoga mat, and that there are no changing facilities at the museum.

Adults: DKK 175
Season ticket: DKK 80
Under 27/Students: DKK 130
Under 18: DKK 80

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Your ticket includes free admission to the Glyptotek all day. Take the opportunity to explore the Glyptotek either before or after the yoga session. You can also enjoy food or drinks in Picnic. Remember to book a table here.

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