Café Exhibition


As a way of paying tribute to our public, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has invited the Danish artist HuskMitNavn to turn his gaze towards the museum’s visitors. In his characteristic style and satirical touch, against a background of observations of everyday life at the museum, the artist has depicted our highly diverse public in a series of thoughtful, humorous drawings.

After all, what do we look at when we go to an art museum? The art of course! But also at the other visitors, who, in many cases, are just as interesting to study as the actual works of art: the tourist, the family with children and the couple in love. Who are they? What do they look like? And how do they act?

An affectionate eye for the absurdity of the everyday characterizes HuskMitNavn’s expression. This is also the case with these works, which comment, both humorously and philosophically, on museum life in the year 2017.

32 drawings, 1 book
There are 32 drawings in all, displayed in Picnic – the museum café. The 32 drawings are also brought together in a hardback book entitled VISITORS which is available from the museum shop. The production of the book has been supported by the Politiken Foundation.

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