Free guided tours

Ever since brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen opened the Glyptotek in 1897, there has been a tradition of meeting the museum’s visitors with guided tours given by dedicated art and academic specialists.

The Glyptoteket has free guided tours, at specific dates and times, and for which anyone can sign up.
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There are a limited number of tickets for the free tours.
Tickets can not be pre-ordered but picked up in ticket sales on the day.
There will be a maximum of two tickets per. person.

Private Guided Tours ADULTS

Book your own private guided tour. Enjoy a stroll through the museum’s beautiful rooms while selected masterpieces from the collections are presented by the Glyptotek’s specialists.

Duration of tour: 45-60 min.
Number: max. 30 persons.

Booking and Prices
Guided tours should be booked at least 14 days in advance.
A private guided tour costs 975 DKK.
The price does not cover admission to the museum.

T: 3341 8111 (Telephone hours Wednesdays and Fridays 1pm-4pm)

See below for all our guided tours for adults

Perfect Poses? A Guided Tour of the Special Exhibition

The human body has been the sculptor’s motif of choice for thousands of years. Come along on a guided tour which explores the poses of the sculptures and moves in close to the sculptors’ work in creating perfect poses. What does a seated or standing sculptural figure express? What stories or narratives does the sculpture reveal about the universal themes of human life? And what would your own perfect pose be? Welcome to a tour around the perfect sculptural body in 19th century France.

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Carl’s Grand Passion. The Highlights of the Museum

The story of the Glyptotek is inextricably bound up with brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen’s great passion for sculpture. Music, an almost naked marble woman playing a violin, was his first love. The adventure and the falling in love kept pace with Carl’s collecting activity. In 1888 he gifted his enormous collection of sculpture and other art to the Danish nation and sowed the seeds of the Glyptotek, which today contains a world class collection of sculpture from antiquity and ancient Egypt as well as French and Danish sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries. We take you and your guests around the whole museum, focusing on the Glyptotek’s absolute highlights.

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How It All Began. The Glyptotek’s Egyptian Collection

The Glyptotek’s founder, brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, also collected ancient Egyptian art and his first Egyptian acquisition was a beautifully decorated mummy case. Today the collection numbers more than 300 works which come from a period of more than 3,000 years. This long time span makes it possible to see both the development of Egyptian art and masterpieces from each period. From monumental sculpture to the world of the Egyptian gods and the magic hieroglyphs: and then, of course, the scary, yet fascinating mummies. Book your own private guided tour, where we dive down into the best of the best from the Glyptotek’s Egyptian collection.

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Man in Marble. The Glyptotek’ Collection of Antiquities

The Glyptotek’s founder, brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, made considerable purchases in ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. Experience the great Greek philosophers, the beautiful Venus, Roman emperors and warlike Amazons. The Glyptotek’s collection of ancient sculpture is of an exceptionally high standard, and contains a range of masterpieces from the Greco-Roman world. The museum’s scholars have made path-breaking discoveries of traces of colour on a number of the sculptures, and on your guided tour you and your guests will gain an insight into the most up-to-date knowledge of the colourful sculptures of antiquity. Enjoy a private stroll through the beautiful rooms of the Glyptotek and experience the museum’s wonderful ancient masterpieces.

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French Masterpieces

It is not possible to book the tour French Masterpieces. Due to the special exhibition ‘Odilon Redon. Into the Dream’, it is necessary to close the permanent French paintings.

PLEASE NOTE The French painting collection will open as a temporary highlight exhibition on March 26th 2019, and it will be possible to book a tour of the highlights. However, the highlights will be closed in week 23.

Experience masterpieces by Monet, Degas, van Gogh and Gauguin. The Glyptotek’s collection of French painting is a dazzling display of masterworks from the period starting in the mid 19th century and going up to the beginning of the 20th century. Book a stroll through the beautiful rooms of the Glyptotek, where you will also encounter brilliant sculpture by such masters as Carpeaux and Rodin.

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The Danish Golden Age

The Glyptotek’s Collection of Danish Golden Age Art displays some of the best the country’s 19th century painters can present. Come with us back to Golden Age Copenhagen and meet Eckersberg and co. Learn about journeys to Italy, dreams of antiquity, open-air painting and life studies, and experience Danish art’s first great flourishing with all that that involved: idyllic everyday sketches, the self presentation of the bourgeoisie and Norse gods in Greek attire.
Please note that due to the upcoming special exhibition The Road to Palmyra, The Danish Golden Age collection will be closed temporarily from the 6th of May to the 2nd of September 2019. Therefore it will not be possible to book a guided tour in the collection during this period.

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Visit on your own

This is for all of you who want to experience and explore the Glyptotek’s collections yourselves. We have numerous visitors every day and we would like to create a good experience for all. For this reason, every group should book a time for their visit beforehand. Thank you very much. 


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Private guided tours CHILDREN

Kidz only!
If you want to celebrate your birthday or do something quite special with your friends you can come with a guide around the museum and learn about mummy mysteries, watch cartoon strips on stone, write your name in hieroglyphs or go to hero-training with Hercules.

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– and write to us at so we can organise your activity together.

Duration of tour: 45-60 min.
Number: max. 30 persons.