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Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (UK)

The exhibition ANNE MARIE CARL-NIELSEN will be accompanied by the publication of a book in which well-known artists and renowned researchers investigate the themes that Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen broached. The book features essays, analyses, commissioned works of art and a graphic short story, alongside a selection of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s own letters. In collaboration with Strandberg Publishing, the book will is published in both a Danish and an English version.

The sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945) was a prominent artist of her time. Her works enjoyed great recognition, she sold and exhibited extensively in her native Denmark and abroad, and she paved the way for women artists being allowed to educate themselves and work professionally with their art. She was also the first woman in the world ever to make an equestrian statue of the king.

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ISBN: 9788794102100, nr. of pages: 224, Anna Manly og Emilie Boe Bierlich (red.), Strandberg Publishin, 2021, H:29.5 cm W:21.5 cm , 1130 g

179,00DKK (about 20 €)

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