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Mosaik kit

With this kit you can make a beautiful mosaic work of glass tiles in beautiful colours. We’ve given the classic mosaic an upgrade, creating a modern kit with carefully selected color schemes and 2 really beautiful motifs to choose from. Everything you need is included, including tile pliers, so you can cut the small tiles to varying sizes yourself. This gives your mosaic a very beautiful look. We recommend the kit for adults and older children, as you just need to master the technique of cutting the tiles.


Included in the box:

Wooden board with suspension (15×22 cm)

Templates (fig and mountain)

Carbon paper


Mosaic tiles

Tile pliers

Plastic bag

Mortar powder with bucket and stirring stick

Disposable gloves


Guide (in Danish)


NOTE: The kit is not a toy and children under the age of 14 must always be supervised by an adult as it may contain difficult or dangerous parts.


399,00kr. (about 43 €)

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