At Glyptoteket you can experience works of art and archaeological objects from ancient Egypt, the ancient Greek and Roman worlds and Danish and French art from the 19th century.

The museum’s 10,000 works of art offer new views on life, culture and civilization through 6,000 years.

Take a break

Do you need a break from art?

Climb the stairs to the roof terrace and enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city, relax with a cold beer or lemonade in the Café Glyptoteket, or sit under the palms of the beautiful Winter Garden.

Special Exhibition

Give your imagination free rein as regards celebration and excess at the exhibition ”High on Luxury”.

At the exhibition you can experience a marvelous antique silver treasure including ancient goblets, jugs and dishes along with a number of other luxury artifacts from the Roman Empire.

To create the perfect Imperial Roman atmosphere one can, while moving around in the exhibition listen to podcast magazine Third Ear’s soundtrack, which takes the visitors back 2000 years to a feast at the home of the nouveau riche Trimalchio.

Just for kids

Fancy going on a treasure hunt with Mercury?

In the special exhibition “High on Luxury. Lost Treasures from the Roman Empire”, you will find treasures on statues, on the silverware and on the Glyptotek’s ceiling! When you’ve found the pieces of treasure, you can decorate your own silver party cup – in almost the same way as the Romans made their party cups 2,000 years ago.

Guided tour

Discover some of the greatest masterpieces at Glyptoteket.

This tour will guide you through some of the highlights across the collections of the museum: Egypt of the Pharaohs, ancient Greece, Etruria and the Roman Empire – as well as French and Danish art of the 19th century.


Summer concerts

From August through September a number of Denmark’s leading classical ensembles will be giving concerts at Glyptoteket’s beautiful Central Hall.

You can look forward to romantic, dramatic, spell-binding and joyous notes performed by world class musicians – among the heroes and gods of ancient Rome.