Bes. Demon God – Protector of Egypt

Bes exhibition opens in Hannover

Published 5 May

The special exhibition about the Egyptian god Bes opens at August Kestner Museum in Hannover on Thursday 5 May. The exhibition was on display at the Glyptotek from May to October 2021, where the little deity with short, stumpy legs, a beard resembling a lion’s mane and a feather ornament on his head thrilled both visitors and reviewers.

The exhibition invites visitors into Bes’ universe, where magic and the belief that good demons can ward off all kinds of evil are a natural part of life.

Bes was one of the most important gods in Ancient Egypt. He provided protection against diseases, took care of pregnant women and frightened children, prevented snake bites, and had the power to scare away all enemies.

Bes. Demon God – Protector of Egypt was one display at the Glyptotek from May – October 2021 and was curated by Tine Bagh. Read more about the exhibition at the Glyptotek here.

The exhibition is on display in August Kestner Museum in Hannover from 5 May – 25 September 2022. Read more here (in German).

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