Picnic – the museum café

When Carl Jacobsen opened the Glyptotek in 1882, the idea was not solely to give the people of Copenhagen a new art museum. It was also to provide them with an oasis, the centre of which would be the lush greenery of the Winter Garden: a place to give each visitor the chance to unwind from the daily grind and make the visit a pleasure with no obligations.

At Picnic – the museum café – we have recreated a new, modern version of Carl Jacobsen’s idea of an oasis. Here we invite you to our version of a “picnic”.

Picnic is open on the same days as the museum itself – from Tuesday to Sunday – and is located overlooking the lovely Winter Garden. We serve tasty light lunches, desserts, coffee and other beverages.

Please note that if you want to visit Picnic, you will have to pay for a ticket to the museum. Every Tuesday, however, entry to both is free. Please note that on Tuesdays booking in advance is not possible.

The menu
At Picnic we serve modern food, the coffee is freshly roasted and ground, and everything has been carefully thought out. Our starting point is well-known classic dishes, but the composition and expression have been rethought and add some surprising nuances to the culinary experience.

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Table reservation

Please contact us at +45 33418128 or picnic@glyptoteket.dk if you wish to book a table for groups larger than 7 persons.
Please note that the telephone and mail are unmanned on Mondays and Tuesdays. The telephone hours are Wednesday – Friday 10am-12pm.

Please note that Picnic does not take reservations on Tuesdays.

Thursdays nights
Picnic is open every Thursday night and we will be introducing new features and events on a regular basis.

The name Picnic
At the Glyptotek you can have a “picnic” out in “the open air” all the year round – even if the weather is grey and inhospitable outside. The name is likewise inspired by the Glyptotek’s strong connection with France: Carl Jacobsen’s extensive collection of French sculpture and his son Helge’s substantial one of French Impressionist paintings. It seems only logical, therefore, that the café’s name should be found in the French language (pique-nique in French, and later “picnic” in English.)

Special events
For bookings regarding parties of more than 30 people or events outside of Glyptoteket’s opening hours, please contact us by mail: arrangement@glyptoteket.dk

Business events

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