Business Dinners and Receptions

Hold a lavish event for your business right up close to the art of millennia. The Glyptotek’s rooms can act as the setting for elegant gala dinners, award presentations and receptions of up to 500 guests.

After just a few minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station you can pause for breath in the green oasis of the Winter Garden which will welcome your company in one of the city’s most beautiful cultural historical buildings. A visit to the Glyptotek’s collections can serve as an exclusive break, and we are always happy to provide specially tailored guided tours or talks, which can be integrated in your event.

Read more about our facilities and contact us at for a non-obligatory estimate. Specify the projected number of your guests, the dates you require and the time-frame as well as a brief description of the arrangement.

Please note that it is not possible to hold private arrangements such as weddings as well as commercial events such as product launches and fashion shows in the Glyptotek.

Central Hall

The Central Hall is the centre of the Glyptotek with its unique mosaic floor surrounded by antique columns and sculptures. The room forms a setting for the very finest gala banquets and award shows.

Practical info

Max capacity:

  • Circular tables: 200
  • Long tables: 250
  • Standing reception: 300
  • Chairs in rows: 500

Dinners in the Central Hall take place after the museum closes from 5.30 p.m. to, at the latest, 12.00 midnight.

On Thursdays the museum is open until 9.00 p.m.

Winter Garden

In the Winter Garden you can offer your guests cocktails and snacks between the palms and other exotic greenery. Under the garden’s iconic dome there is space for elevated thought and the garden functions perfectly for networking receptions as an introduction or a conclusion to a gala dinner or reception.

Practical info

Max capacity:

  • Reception: 300
  • Standing buffet: 200

The Winter Garden can be used in connection with the Central Hall and form the setting for receptions of up to 500 people.

Arrangements in the Winter Garden take place after the museum closes at 6.00 p.m. until, at the latest, 12.00 midnight.

On Thursdays the museum is open until 9.00 p.m.


Looking out over the Winter Garden the café, Picnic, can be the setting for more intimate dining at circular or long tables.

Max capacity: 60


An essential part of an unforgettable arrangement is, of course, a gastronomic experience of the highest order. The Glyptotek’s regular partners in this field, Picnic by Lasse Askov and Restaurant Babette, are ready with fresh produce of the season to indulge your guests with culinary experiences, all created to suit your tastes.

We make sure to put you in contact with the right restaurateur for your arrangement.

Picnic by Lasse Askov

Lasse Askov offers modern, innovative catering made from the very best produce. He and his staff have more than 15 years experience with arrangements and guests. Formerly he graced the Copenhagen restaurant scene and was awarded a Michelin star in 2009 at the restaurant Kokkeriet. Since 2017 he has been in charge of Picnic at the Glyptotek.

The menus are an inspiration and they change according to the season. Lasse Askov will guide you to the culinary experience which is just right for you.

Menu suggestion – standing reception

Menu suggestion – dinner events Central Hall

Menu suggestion – dinner events Café

Restaurant Babette

For more than 25 years Restaurant Babette has been the Glyptotek’s partner in the culinary field. Since 1991 the restaurant has been among the country’s absolute best, both when it comes to garnering star reviews, and particularly when it comes to holding social events.

Find inspiration in the various package deals, and remember that Restaurant Babette is always ready to give you an estimate for the one that meets your requirements.

Menu suggestion – dinner events


The Glyptotek's exhibitions present artworks and cultural-historical objects.


Enjoy delicious dishes, snacks, and cakes at the museum café Picnic overlooking the beautiful Winter Garden.


See what's happening at the Glyptotek.