Camilla Kjærsgaard
Press Officer

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About the Glyptotek
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Petrified Ideals

After Nature – A New Reading of the Glyptotek’s Paintings by Writer Josefine Klougart

ABBAS AKHAVAN – curtain call

Behind the Façade – Discover the Architecture of the Glyptotek

Copenhagen Contemporary and the Glyptotek

Highlights from the collection
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Journalists holding a valid press card are admitted to the museum free of charge if their visit is work-related. We recommend, however, that, as far as possible, you should contact Camilla Kjærsgaard, prior to your visit. Journalists who do not hold a press card are also requested to contact Camilla Kjærsgaard before their visit.

Photographers, whether taking stills or using video, should always contact Camilla Kjærsgaard before their arrival.

Read our guidelines regarding photo and film.

Business events

The Glyptotek offers an exclusive experience right up close to the art itself - from small intimate arrangements to grandiose receptions catering for as many as 700 guests.


The Glyptotek's exhibitions present artworks and cultural-historical objects.


See what's happening at Glyptoteket.