Photos and Film

Generally speaking, visitors to the Glyptotek are welcome to take photos for private use. If the purpose of your visit to the Glyptotek is solely to take pictures or record video, you must always apply for permission in advance. Given that we are a museum, you must show consideration for the other visitors and the art. Hence, the following rules apply:

Private photography
You do not need to apply for permission to take photos, but you must comply with the following:

  • You may take photos in the museum with a small camera or a mobile phone.
  • Feel free to use a flash – just not in our exhibitions featuring paintings.
  • You must not use lamps, tripods, selfie sticks or other equipment.
  • The photos must not be used commercially. This means that you are not permitted to bring clothes or other products to be photographed. Nor must you tag clothes or use the pictures on commercial websites in the context of paid partnerships on social media etc. If you are in any doubt, please email us at
  • Photo sessions that block passages or in any other way inconvenience the museum’s other visitors are not permitted.
  • If you have just got married, you can take wedding photos in the garden behind the Glyptotek. Unfortunately, out of consideration for other visitors to the museum, wedding photos in the museum itself are not permitted.
  • You must comply with any instruction from the museum’s custodians.

Professional photography and filming
In the event of professional photography and film shoots, you must always apply for permission in advance. A photo or film permit will include guidelines.

  • Editorial content: In the case of editorial content, it is only possible to photograph and film in the Glyptotek, if your project is directly relevant to the Glyptotek or the museum’s collection area.
  • Commercial content: The museum does not grant permission for photos or films that promote commercial products. Nor is it permitted to tag clothes or other products on social media or use the images on commercial platforms or in the context of paid partnerships.
  • Artistic productions: The museum does not grant permission for PR photos for printed publications, or music or fashion shoots. Nor is it permitted to make recordings for personal art projects, music videos, educational projects etc.
  • The photography and locations must be agreed upon in advance. Basically, the permitted locations are: the Winter Garden, the Marble Staircase in the Henning Larsen building, the Central Hall and the antiquity collection. Photography is not permitted in current special exhibitions. The Marble Staircase forms the setting for Todesfigur (Figure of Death) by the artist Christian Lemmerz. It is covered by copyright. If you wish to feature this sculpture, the photography team must apply to Christian Lemmerz for permission.
  • The museum’s general guidelines must be observed at all times, and any instructions from the museum’s custodians must be complied with.
  • In the subsequent material, you may credit the Glyptotek as the location. However, you are not permitted to mention the Glyptotek by name in texts or as a business partner, or make capital of the museum’s name for a product. The Glyptotek is entitled to have the material submitted for approval prior to publication.
  • If you wish to cancel an agreement, you must write to the contact person with whom you made the agreement. Please notify the museum as soon as possible when cancelling an agreement.

Application for permission for professional photo shoots or film recordings
Send a short application with a description of your project:

– What do you wish to photo/record and where do you envisage the session taking place?
– What will you be using your photos/film footage for and on what scale?
– What is your set-up and what equipment will you be bringing?
– How large is your team (names and jobs)?
– How many hours do you imagine it will take?

Send your application to Camilla Kjærsgaard, Press & Communications Officer at

If we receive the request well in advance, there is every chance that your project will be able to take place. We will only respond to enquiries by email. For reasons of resources, the Glyptotek can only grant permission for a limited number of photo projects.

If you have any further questions about permission for photographing or filming, please email us at


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