Photos and Film

As a visitor to Glyptoteket you are welcome to take pictures and to film. If the purpose of your visit to the Glyptotek is solely to take pictures or record video (private or professional), always apply for a photo permit in advance. An exception to this may be special exhibitions where photography is not permitted. Since we are a museum, you are requested to show consideration to other visitors as well as to the art itself. For these reasons certain rules apply:

Private photography and filming

  • You do not have to apply for a photography and filming permit, but you should observe the following rules:
  • You may photograph throughout the entire museum, unless otherwise instructed by signs or the museum attendants (guards).
  • You are not permitted to use lamps, stands or selfie stands.
  • You may use flash, though not in museum areas where paintings are on exhibition.
  • Your photography or filming must occasion the least possible annoyance to other visitors.
  • Every request made by the museum attendants (guards) must be complied with.
  • The photos must not be used to promote any types of products. Thus it is for instance not allowed to tag companies or brands, use the photos in paid partnerships on social media or use the photos on commercial websites. If in doubt please contact us at
  • You are welcome to take wedding photos in Glyptoteket. We have restricted wedding photography and filming to a particularly attractive area with a view of the Winter Garden, where you can photograph in peace and quiet. When you arrive, our attendants (guards) will help you set up. Please remember that wedding photography too should be done without use of lamps, stands or other equipment. Charge for admission to the museum is payable.

Professional photography and filming
In the case of professional still and film photography (including educational projects) permission should always be sought in advance. A photo or film permit will contain guidelines for such activity.

Permission will not be granted for photography and filming for the following purposes:

  • The marketing of products (and this includes the recording of music and fashion shows, including educational projects) through the rooms and collections of the museum. This also includes the use of photos to brand products on social media.
  • Undertaking print or digital publications which are not issued under the auspices of the museum.

For enquiries and permits to photograph and/or film please contact us at


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