Vinterhaven på Glyptoteket

Restructuring of Free Day at the Glyptotek

Published 3 January 2023

The Glyptotek is an oasis and refuge in the heart of Copenhagen. Since it opened in 1897, the number of visitors to the museum has increased more than tenfold. A large number of them come on a Tuesday, when admission to the museum is free. Given that we welcome around 6,000 visitors on those days, we can no longer provide them with the experience, which we want to give them and which we know they want – a visit to a museum that also offers space for tranquillity and contemplation.

The high concentration of visitors also places a strain on the museum’s listed buildings and irreplaceable art collection.

Therefore, out of a sense of duty and care, we have been compelled to restructure the scheme. From 15 January, on Tuesdays visitors will have to pay the normal admission fee. Instead, admission to the museum will be free on the last Wednesday of each month, and on selected special occasions. On these free days, admission to the museum’s special exhibitions will also be free of charge. This is something totally new.


Gæster på Glyptoteket
Besøgende i Vinterhaven


The Glyptotek's exhibitions present both works of art and archaeological objects and offer new angles on life, culture and civilization over 6,000 years.


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