The Glyptotek’s Gauguin Collection is Travelling to the USA

Published the 4th of September 2018

At the moment the Glyptotek is in the process of preparing for the major autumn special exhibition, “Odilon Redon. Into the Dream”, which, from the 12th October, will invite the museum’s visitors into the French artist, Odilon Redon’s dream universe – inspired by music, myths, literature and science.

To make the requisite space available for the more than 150 works by Odilon Redon the Glyptotek’s own collection of French painting is taken down. But rather than have the whole collection standing in the museum’s storage magazines for the duration of the special exhibition there are others who will be able to enjoy some of these works.

Collaboration across the Atlantic
More than 50 works by Paul Gauguin are thus being lent to the de Young Museum in San Francisco, USA, to become part of their exhibition, Gauguin: A Spiritual Journey, which opens on 17th November 2018. The exhibition at the de Young Museum has been created in close collaboration with the Glyptotek and will present a broad cross-section of Gauguin’s oeuvre and examine in depth the many different facets of his art. The loans from the Glyptotek will, together with de Young’s Oceanic Art Collection, form part of a new, exciting context, making it possible for the works to display their relevance to our own era.

Christine Buhl Andersen, Director of the Glyptotek, says of the loans, “The Glyptotek holds one of the world’s finest collections of Gauguin’s works. For us it is of crucial importance that the collection is presented in new contexts and, in this way, remains alive and immediate. That is the case here, where two museums have combined their potentials and co-operated curatorially to bring about a completely original exhibition. We very much look forward to experiencing the American public’s reception of the exhibition when it opens in San Francisco.”

In the course of 2020 it will again be possible to see Gauguin at the Glyptotek, when collaboration with the de Young Museum will result in a magnificent Gauguin exhibition.

About the museum

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