The Board and Management


Christine Buhl Andersen
Chair of the Board
(The New Carlsberg Foundation)

Stine Høholt
(The New Carlsberg Foundation)

Lisette Vind Ebbesen
(The New Carlsberg Foundation)

Carl Bache

Lene Bak
(appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture)

Pia Laub
(appointed by the board)

Karl Adrian
(staff representative)


Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen

Nadia Liva Hein (Maternity leave)
Academic Officer, PA

Martha Kragh Arnesen
Academic Officer, PA

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Art and Archaeology

Tine Bagh
Curator, PhD, Collection of Ancient Egyptian Art

Julie Lejsgaard Christensen
Curator, PhD Fellow, Collection of Ancient Greek and Roman Art

Christine Horwitz Tommerup
Curator, PhD Fellow, French and Danish Art (19th and 20th Centuries)

Anna Kærsgaard Gregersen
Curator, French Art (19th and 20th Centuries)

Cecilie Brøns
Senior Researcher, PhD, Collection of Ancient Greek and Roman Art

Anna Manly
Curator, Danish Art (19th and 20th Centuries)

Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen

Heidi Laura
Project Coordinator Diversity & Inclusion

Jan Kindberg Jacobsen
Curator, PhD, Greek and Roman Art (leave of absence)

Anna Christensen
Student assistant, Collection of Modern Art

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Collections and Research

Rune Frederiksen
Head of Collections, PhD

Anna Wirenfeldt Minor
Academic Researcher, Collection of Ancient Greek and Roman Art
(Maternity leave)

Jens Stenger
Conservation Scientist, Collection of Ancient Greek and Roman Art

Christina Collet Hvolgaard


Jennie Jones Gunnarsen
Head Librarian

Camilla Melchior Thomsen

Thomas G. Lassen
Student assistant, registrar

Frederik Engel Møller
Student assistant, registrar

Angelique Ricci
Student assistant, library

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Kasper Riisholt
Head of Exhibitions

Rebecca Hast

Pernille Holm Mogensen
Exhibition Coordinator

Rasmus Bræmer Enke
Exhibition Technician

Michael Jakobsen
Exhibition Technical Manager

Karen Marie Heise Nielsen
Student assistant

Petrea Donsted
Student assistant

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Finance and Accounts

Bo Veibel Petersen
Head of Finance and Accounting

Pernille Bruun

Jane Hjort Kjær-Hansen

Mikael Ipsen
IT and Web Manager

Phillip Jensen
IT assistent

Museum Shop

Sabina Sømod
Shop Manager

Stephanie Danneberg Voss
Book Buyer

Sara M. Øster
Shop Assistent

Yvette Antwi
Shop Assistent

Monika Sumera
Shop Assistent

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Sofie Kønigsfeldt
Head of Communications, Sales and Marketing

Camilla Kjærsgaard
Press Officer

Sonja Landuyt
Marketing Manager

Martha Marie Wagner (Maternity leave)
Digital Editor

Sarah Wandall Grandjean
Digital Editor

Malene Bille-Grønning
Assistent, Communication and marketing

Ana Cecilia González
Receptionist and Communications Assistant

Siri Carlslund
Graphic Designer


Camilla Stisen Gammel
Event Producer

Kit Vatit Jensen
Event Coordinator

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Audience Engagement/Interpretation and Teaching

Stinna Toft
Head of Learning and Audience Engagement

Kathrine Andersen
Interpretation Manager, Exhibitions

Stefan Bang
Interpretation Manager, Children and Young People

Kamilla Louise Hansen (Maternity leave)
Education Manager

Nanna Lund
Education Manager

Joos Melander
Education Assistant

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Buildings and Security

Christian Dahl Melchiorsen
Head of Building and Security

Rie Lind
PA, Building and Security

Karl Adrian
Operations Manager

Jeanet Klevang
Canteen Manager

Lars Haugan
Operations Technician

Rasmus Feigh-Offersen
Operations Technician

Henrik Hansen

Inge Lindhardt

Jan Munkvad
Technical Assistant

Guards and ticket sales

Morten Dam
Head of Guards

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