mød eksperten

Meet the Expert: Facing Death – Gilded mummy masks from Roman Egypt

/ 02. May 2024
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

An exclusive event at the Glyptotek for season ticket holders.  

The tour will be in English.

mød eksperten

To ensure a successful afterlife in ancient Egypt, it was important to preserve the identity of the deceased by including a portrayal in the grave. Glyptoteket has a variety of such portrayals in the form of mummy masks, which were used to cover the face of the deceased. This afternoon post.doc. Tuuli Kasso will present her current research into the museum’s gilded mummy masks. Here you will learn about the different artistic techniques and materials used for their production, and how they were used during the Romano-Egyptian period.  

The Glyptotek’s gilded mummy masks will exclusively be on display and exhibited for a limited period. Take this unique opportunity to hear about how Kasso is studying the masks, deciding which materials were used and the techniques employed to make them, and how we step by step are getting more knowledge about why it was important to manufacture portraits of those who passed and their significance in ancient Egyptian funerary beliefs. 

 In her current project, Tuuli Kasso has conducted analysis and research on the materials and techniques, as well as the provenance of the masks. The quality of materials, such as gold, and the choice of paints gives us clues from the past, and to the people who made these objects.  

About Tuuli Kasso
Tuuli Kasso is an archaeological scientist specialised in the study of ancient art and craft. She is a postdoctoral researcher in the Polychromy Research Group at The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen. 

About the Pop-up Exhibition

Three of the Glyptotek’s gilded mummy masks from the Roman period in Egypt will be exclusively on display for a limited period in connection to The Danish Science Festival. 

The mummy masks will be exhibited in hall 3 from April 19 – June 21, 2024. The research project is funded by Kirsten og Freddy Johansens Fond and The Carlsberg Foundation. 

About Meet the Expert
On selected Thursdays, we invite the Glyptotek’s season ticket holders on a special tour with one of the museum’s many experts, who will share their passion and expertise. 

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The event is an exclusive offer for season ticket holders.
Price: DKK 30 

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Please note that there is a limited number of spots available for the tour. 

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