Forstenede idealer på Glyptoteket - Moussa Mc

Petrified Ideals

Special Exhibitions /17.08.2023 -

The Glyptotek’s antique collection is inhabited by the bodies of the past. They show us exactly what was once considered the ideal human being. That’s how people wanted to be seen, and that’s how we have continued to look at the body and gender. Perhaps we have never let go of those ideals?

New exhibition hack

We have invited eight contemporary voices – authors, poets and opinion-makers to work on the stories of the marble bodies in a new exhibition hack. Each of them has chosen one or more sculptures in the Glyptotek’s collection of Antiquities, which they give their own, completely personal reflections on gender roles, perfect and imperfect bodies, and everything we have inherited from Antiquity.

The contributors are Lucia Odoom, Leonora Christina Skov, Caspar Eric, Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen, Moussa Mchangama, Lea Løppenthin, Ditlev Tamm and Sebastian Lynggaard aka Herlige Svend.

You will find the contributions at selected works in the museum’s collection of Antiquities. Find a map at the museum.


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