Lyt på Glyptoteket


The Glyptotek Brings the Secrets of Art to Life with Sound

Art shouldn’t only be seen. Art should heard, felt and experienced. The Glyptotek provides visitors with an opportunity to ‘listen to the museum’ and enjoy a closer, more innovative, sensory encounter with its works than they are used to.

The museum is packed with impressive statues and paintings by great artists, and tucked away in all of them are marvellous stories we cannot see with the naked eye. Using specially-designed audio stories, the Glyptotek releases those hidden stories.



Audio art experiences

Throughout the Glyptotek, there are 18 different listening stations to whisk you off on sensory trips to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and 19th-century Paris. Learn all about the art, history and architecture of the Glyptotek and get answers to questions you never thought of asking.

There are listening stations for both children and adults. In the children’s listening stations, children will be invited to put on headphones and caress marble, feel the paint on paintings or stroke the bronze from the foundry. Meanwhile, adults will be invited to board Emperor Caligula’s floating palaces, to enter the magical world of hieroglyphs or to join Manet for some peculiar absinthe cocktails.

You can pick up a small guide to the listening stations at the Information.

The soundscapes are created by the podcast pioneers Third Ear and the sound designer Peter Albrechtsen, and the listening stations are designed by Yoke.

Lydguide glyptoteket

The interpretation project, Listen! was made possible with generous funding from Bikubenfonden.

After Nature

Experience a new reading of the Glyptotek’s paintings by the Danish writer Josefine Klougart,

Season Tickets

Admission for a whole year to the Glyptotek's fantastic collection, the many special exhibitions, events and the relaxing Winter Garden.


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