Egyptologists' Notebooks

Egyptologists’ Notebooks

Open a window onto the world of the pioneering archeologists at the heart of the golden age of Egyptology, and share their sense of wonder as they uncovered an Egypt of the far distant past.

For centuries the beguiling ancient ruins of Egypt have provided an endless source of fascination for explorers, antiquarians, treasure hunters and archaeologists. All, from the very earliest travellers, were entranced by the beauty and majesty of the landscape: the remains of tombs cut into the natural rock of hillsides and the temples and cities gently consumed by drift sand. These early adventurers were gripped by the urge to capture what they had seen in writings, sketches, paintings and photographs.

Egyptologists’ Notebooks brings together the work – reproduced in its original form – of the many people who contributed to our understanding of ancient Egypt, offering a glimpse into a very different history of Egyptology. They evoke a rich sense of time and place, transporting us back to a great age of discovery.

ISBN 9780500295298
nr. of pages 264
Additional Info Chris Naunton, Thames & Hudson, 2020,
H 27.7 cm
W 21 cm
Weight 1320 g

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