Tea-light holder. Thistle

Tea-light holder. Thistle

A Declaration of Love

The thistle, the tea-light holder’s motif, is taken from the Glyptotek’s floor mosaic in Room 10 of the building designed by architect Hack Kampmann, and under construction in the years 1903-1906.

The thorny thistle, Carduus Achantoides, is the Scottish national flower and was laid as a declaration of love to Carl Jacobsen’s wife Ottilia, who came from Scotland.

Brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, who was the founder of the Glyptotek and a passionate art collector, met Ottilia during a work experience attachment at Younger’s Brewery in Edinburgh in 1868. Ottilia was said to be gentle, cautious and calm – the exact opposite of the quick-tempered brewer.

Material: porcelain

H 8 cm
Weight 250 g

149,00kr. (about 17 €)

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