Henri Matisse. Erotic Sketchbook

Henri Matisse. Erotic Sketchbook

Now available in a new edition, this compact and beautifully designed volume opens the doors of Henri Matisse’s atelier to reveal the artist’s most intimate work. For Henri Matisse, drawing was an exercise as personal as it was essential to his art. These black and white and gently colored sketches allow the viewer to appreciate the quality of Matisse’s lines, their confidence and ease, as well as the intense relationship between artist and model. Matisse’s joie de vivre, his love of beauty, and his fascination with the human body are fully in evidence in this lovely volume.

ISBN 9783791383927
nr. of pages 64
Additional Info Norbert Wolf, Prestel,
H 23.5 cm
W 19 cm
Weight 360 g

179,00kr. (about 20 €)

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