Picasso: The Self-Portraits

Picasso: The Self-Portraits

Much has been said and written about Picasso’s life and art, but until now his self-portraits have never been studied and presented in a single volume. Picasso represented himself ceaselessly and inventively, whether in a dashed-off pencil sketch, as a flourish at the bottom of a letter, or on a giant canvas.

At the suggestion of Picasso’s widow Jacqueline, the distinguished art historian Pascal Bonafoux began studying Picasso’s self-portraitsmore than forty years ago. This meticulously researched study presents the fruits of his decades-long project, bringing together all the self-portraits attributed to this genius of 20th-century art. These 170 drawings, paintings and photographs, some from private collections and previously unpublished, chart the evolution of the artist’s life and work. Here is Picasso in 1894 as a thirteen-year-old boy; as a yong bohemian; as harlequin; as lover, husband and father; and finally, as an old man confronting his mortality.

With 170 illustrations

ISBN 9780500025833
nr. of pages 224
Additional Info Pascal Bonafoux, Thames & Hudson, 2022,
H 25.5 cm
W 19 cm
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