Pompeii: A Life Revealed

Pompeii: A Life Revealed

Professor De Albentiis – one of the greatest experts on Pompeii – guides the reader in the fascinating discovering of the art, architecture and history of one of the world’s major archaeological sites.

In this volume, De Albentiis reconstructs the history of the discovery and excavation of Pompeii, immersing the reader in every aspect of Pompeian civilization. A journey to discover the main areas and spaces dedicated to public and private life in Pompeii before the terrible eruption of 79 AD, which fatally decreed both its destruction and its preservation. The magnificence of Pompeii’s villas, temples and squares is brought to life in this volume, together with an exhaustive analysis of the religious, economic, social, residential and funerary life of its civilization.

Text in English and Italian.

220 illustrations, colour

ISBN 9788870572957
nr. of pages 418
Additional Info Emidio de Albentiis, Scripta Maneant, 2022,
H 29.5 cm
W 24 cm
Weight 2860 g

599,00kr. (about 65 €)

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