What The Greeks Did For Us

What The Greeks Did For Us

Around the world, we have been shaped by the Greeks in so many aspects of our daily lives. We use words derived from their language, watch Olympic sports, and participate in democracies. Why does a culture some 2,500 years in the past continue to exert such profound influence?

Tony Spawforth traces the centrality of ancient Greece in everything from religion to popular culture, medicine to beauty standards.

We have been inspired by the arts, philosophy and scientific practice of the Greeks, and of course we have romanticised them too. Spawforth exposes the realities of ancient Greek culture, from misogyny to slavery, and looks closely at the use and abuse of their ideas in modern times, including the Nazis’ obsession with ‘racial purity’ and today’s alt-right groups who claim to be followers of the ancient Spartans.

This is a fascinating account of the vast, living legacy of ancient Greece, masterfully demonstrating just what, for better or for worse, the Greeks have done for us.

ISBN 9780300258028
nr. of pages 335
Additional Info Tony Spawforth, Yale University Press, 2023,
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