Accessibility for the Disabled

The Glyptotek is an old building and subject to a listed building which means that the museum is not optimally appointed for, for instance, wheelchair users. Naturally we do what we can to make the museum as accessible as possible for all. There is, accordingly, access to most exhibitions, either by use of a handicap lift or normal lift.

You are always welcome to contact us at: or T (+45) 3341 8141, so we can provide guidance.

Free Access
If you are a person with disabilities (carrying disability documentation), entrance to the museum is free – this includes admission to the summer concerts. If you are disabled and have a companion card your companion will also be entitled to free admission.

As a wheelchair user/ person with reduced mobility you can access the museum in two ways, depending on which exhibition areas you wish to visit.

If you wish to visit changing special exhibitions in the building by Henning Larsen, The Ancient Mediterranean, the Winter Garden and the Central Hall, please arrive at the side entrance at Tietgensgade 25 during the museum’s opening hours. Here you can ring the doorbell and come into direct contact with the Glyptotek’s personnel. If any trouble should occur, please contact us on T (+45) 3341 8141, so we can provide assistance.

If you wish to visit French Art 1800-1870Danish Art 1780-1930, and The Café Picnic, please use the doorbell by the entrance at the corner of Dantes Plads and Niels Brocks Gade. Here you will have direct access to the Ticket Desk and the Cloakroom in the basement via the lift.

Unfortunately it is not possible for wheelchair users to visit Greek and Roman Sculpture, Egypt and Danish and French Sculpture. This is due to the museum’s current facilities.

Neither is it possible for wheelchair users to visit the special exhibition ANNE MARIE CARL-NIELSEN. 

Groups of wheelchair users are asked to contact the museum before their visit.

At the Museum
Manual wheelchairs can be borrowed at the museum. These can be delivered to those who require them by the attendants in the Entrance Hall.

Please note that certain areas of the museum can only be visited if you are able to negotiate individual steps unassisted, or with the aid of a companion. Our attendants will do their best to guide and assist.

Accessible toilets
Accessible toilets are located in the basement by the Cloakroom and Ticket Desk as well as by the entrance to The Henning Larsen Building.

See the museum plan which has details of wheelchair access

Visually impaired
If you are visually impaired, you may, subject to prior arrangement, be allowed to touch selected sculptures. Contact us on T (+45) 3341 8141, so we can provide assistance and guidance. If you visit without notifying us beforehand we will still help you the best that we can.

You are welcome to bring your guide dog with you provided it is kept on a lead.

You are always welcome to contact us at:


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