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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Dantes Plads 7
1556 København V

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It is easy to get to The Glyptotek by bus, train, bike or by foot. The museum is 5-10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station and City Hall Square.

2A, 31, 37. Get off at: Glyptoteket.
All buses to City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen). 5 minute walk. (See “on foot”).
All buses to Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården). 5 minute walk. (See “on foot”).

All trains (local, s-trains and intercity) to Copenhagen Central Station.

M3: Cityringen. Get off at: City Hall Square or Copenhagen Central Station. (See below “on foot”).

On foot
From the City Hall Square: follow H.C. Andersens Boulevard South East towards Amager and stop at the museum’s front area.
From Copenhagen Central Station: follow Tietgensgade along the back of Tivoli and turn right at Dantes Plads.

You can park your bike at the bike rack by the museum or at H. C. Andersens Boulevard.

We recommend using public transportation when visiting the museum as there are limited parking in the streets close to the museum. A parking garage can be found by both Industriens Hus and BLOX, a mere 5 minutes walk from the Glyptotek.

Your Visit

Cloakrooms and bags

Cloakrooms with lockers can be found in the basement when you arrive at the main entrance. The lockers can be locked by placing a 20 DKK coin or a special Glyptoteket token in the lock. You can buy a Glyptoteket token at the coin machine in the cloakroom for 20 DKK using a credit card. After your visit you can return the coin in the machine and get a refund of your money.

For security reasons larger bags (exceeding the maximum size of 30 x 30 x 10 cm.) should be left in the cloakroom by the ticket desk. Our attendants will always be helpful, just as they will decide which bags can be brought into the exhibition areas or not. You can also buy a smaller bag for your things, by the guards.

Food and drink

Food and drink are only to be consumed in our designated areas, typically in the café.

It is not allowed to bring drinks, empty bottles and food you have have brought with to the exhibition rooms. This must be left in the cloakroom next to the ticket desk during the visit.

Food and drink you have brought with you can be consumed at the long tables in the basement by the cloakroom and ticket desk.

Prams and pushchairs

During your visit you can borrow, free of charge, a pushchair in the museum’s basement at the cloakroom and ticket desk. Because of entry, exit and security considerations visitors may not use their own prams or pushchairs. Smaller pushchairs can be left in the basement, while prams must be parked outside the museum’s entrance: our attendants in the entrance hall will gladly lend you a lock.

Due to level differences and stairs in the museum, the visit may involve lifting the pushchair, so we also recommend visiting the museum with the very youngest in a baby carrier.

Baby changing

You will find one baby-changing area in the basement by the cloakroom and ticket desk and another at the entrance to the Henning Larsen Building.

If you want to bring baby-changing equipment into the museum, please note that larger bags (over 30 x 30 x 10 cm) must be deposited in the cloakroom at the ticket desk for security reasons.


The Glyptotek has numerous staircases with steep steps which means that the museum is not optimally appointed for those with mobility problems. As the Glyptotek is an old, listed building, it is, unfortunately, not possible for us to change this situation. However, we do our best to make the museum accessible to all, and there is therefore access to most of the exhibition rooms by means of either a handicap lift or normal lift.

Drawing in pencil

Drawing is allowed in the museum, but only with a pencil. Drawing is permitted in the museum collection of sculpture, but not in the collections of paintings. Drawing in special exhibitions is not permitted.

Practicalities regarding drawing

Drawers are welcome to borrow a folding chair. Please store drawing tools under or next to the folding chair in consideration of other guests. Sketchpads are allowed up to A3 size (approximately 30x40cm).

Easels are not allowed. Please don’t use walls and sculpture plinth as writing pads, as this may leave marks. Folding chairs are allowed except in certain halls due to lack of space. Ask the attendants for more information.

Be careful in the galleries

It is easy to bump into a sculpture or a painting when visiting the galleries. To reduce this risk, running is forbidden, and rucksacks, outerwear etc. must be left in the lockers located in the cloakroom. To prevent the risk of spilling on an artwork, drinking and eating are both prohibited in the galleries.

Why are you not allowed to touch the art?

Touching the artworks is prohibited. Even though you might only touch something very carefully, your fingers deeposit grease and salts that would gradually destroy the artworks. It is the duty of the museum to look after the artworks for the benefit of future generations.

The museum’s custodians

During your visit to the Glyptotek you will meet museum custodians who can give you directions and answer brief questions about the collections. Please note that, for security reasons, the custodians must not engage in long conversations.

Photos and Film

As a visitor Glyptoteket you are more than welcome to take pictures and to film. However, since we are a museum, you are requested to show consideration to other visitors as well as to the art itself. For this reason certain rules apply, which you may benefit from reading before your visit.

Accessibility for the Disabled

The Glyptotek is an old building and subject to a listed building which means that the museum is not optimally appointed for, for instance, wheelchair users. Naturally we do what we can to make the museum as accessible as possible for all. There is, accordingly, access to most exhibitions, either by use of a handicap lift or normal lift.

You are always welcome to contact us at: or T (+45) 3341 8141, so we can provide guidance.

The Glyptotek has joined the Accessibility Label scheme. Find information about accessibility here.

Free Admission for disability attendants

Persons who are accompanying handicapped visitors have free admission to the museum.

Persons who are accompanying handicapped visitors can also get a free ticket to any event at the museum. Please contact us at: or T (+45) 3341 8141.


As a wheelchair user/ person with reduced mobility you can access the museum in two ways, depending on which exhibition areas you wish to visit.

If you wish to visit changing special exhibitions and French art 1870-1925 in the building by Henning Larsen, The Middle East, Cyprus, Etruria and Palmyra, the Winter Garden and the Central Hall, please arrive at the side entrance at Tietgensgade 25 during the museum’s opening hours. Here you can ring the doorbell and come into direct contact with the Glyptotek’s personnel. If any trouble should occur, please contact us on T (+45) 3341 8141, so we can provide assistance.

If you wish to visit French Art 1800-1870Danish Art 1780-1930, and The Café Picnic, please use the doorbell by the entrance at the corner of Dantes Plads and Niels Brocks Gade. Here you will have direct access to the Ticket Desk and the Cloakroom in the basement via the lift.

Unfortunately it is not possible for wheelchair users to visit Egypt, Greek and Roman Sculpture and French and Danish Sculpture 1800-1920. This is due to the museum’s current facilities.

Groups of wheelchair users are asked to contact the museum before their visit.

At the Museum

Manual wheelchairs can be borrowed at the museum. These can be delivered to those who require them by the attendants in the Entrance Hall.

Please note that certain areas of the museum can only be visited if you are able to negotiate individual steps unassisted, or with the aid of a companion. Our attendants will do their best to guide.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located in the basement by the Cloakroom and Ticket Desk as well as by the entrance to The Henning Larsen Building.

See the museum plan, which has details of wheelchair access

Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard

Visitors to the museum with a non-visible disability can wear a Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard, if they wish to let staff and other visitors know that they need extra time, patience or assistance.

We hand out Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyards without any questions at the Glyptotek ticket office.

Visually impaired

You are welcome to bring your guide dog with you provided it is kept on a lead.

You are also welcome to contact us at: