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Bes. Demon God – Protector of Egypt

Catalogue for the exhibition Bes. Demon God – Protector of Egypt, Glyptoteket, 2021

The demon god Bes was above all a protector of Egypt, as manifested in a variety of ways over the ages. This publication takes a closer look at the themes of the exhibition Bes. Demon God – Protector of Egypt. Who was Bes? What role did he play in sexuality, as a musician or alongside other gods? And why was he so popular in Nubia, Egypt’s southern neighbour?


With contributions by

Jørgen Podemann Sørensen

Lise Manniche

Christian E. Loeben

Olaf E. Kaper

Pavel Onderka

ISBN: 9788774523772, nr. of pages: 128, Tine Bagh and Lise Manniche (eds.), Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 2021, H:22 cm W:16.8 cm , 340 g

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