Imperial Rome

Imperial Rome

This volume describes a wide range of works from the Roman Imperial Period. In time, they span from the foundation of the Empire in the late first century B.C. until the reign of Constantine the Great in the early fourth century A.C. A majority of the works was produced in Rome itself, but Roman provinces are represented as well.

The collection is particularly rich in marble reliefs, many from funerary monuments. Also included are examples of marble furniture from wealthy homes, as well as various architectural elements in marble. Mosaics, painted terracotta reliefs and fragments of wall-paintings serve to introduce the element of colour into this vivid glimpse of Imperial Rome.

ISBN 8774521926
nr. of pages 315
Additional Info Jan Stubbe Østergaard, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 1996,
H 22 cm
W 17 cm
Weight 795 g

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