Children at the Glyptotek

At the Glyptotek, children and their adults can explore the museum’s collections together. The museum is a place for thinking big or quietly delving into tiny details. Visiting the museum, you could meet and greet The Water Mother and the goldfish in the Winter Garden. Stand beneath the beautiful palm trees. They were a gift to Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the Glyptotek, from his mother more than 100 years ago. Look up and see how they are about to grow through the roof. The brave at heart can visit the Egyptian tomb and see genuine mummies, while in the antiquities collection you can meet Hercules (the Greeks called him Herakles). Maybe you already know him from the Disney cartoon films?

The Glyptotek is also full of animals: hippos, lions, eagles, dogs, goats – you name it. How many can you find? If you like drawing, the Glyptotek is the perfect place. Floor patterns, hieroglyphs, landscape paintings, bronze ballet dancers – there is so much inspiration.

We organise regular guided tours and holiday activities for children. For more information on the various activities, please see the calendar for children.

Glypto Games
May you play at the Glyptotek? Definitely!

We have developed our very own Glypto Games that invite you to experience the art and architecture in new ways, calm down, concentrate, and maybe they’ll also make you laugh. Both children and adults can join in on the fun.

The Glypto Game Five spot starts a conversation about the sculptures’ bodies and your own (download pdf).

The Glypto Game I spy a triangle is about finding hidden triangles in the sculptures and looking at their shapes (download pdf).

The games can be adapted depending on your mood and the age of the children.

Find our new listening stations for children in the museum.

In the listening stations, children are invited to put on headphones, listen to stories and caress marble, feel the paint on paintings or stroke the bronze from the foundry.

You can pick up a small LISTEN! guide at the ticket office.

Adults: 115 DKK (incl. Special Exhibition)
Groups (10 or more): 100 DKK (Please note that groups must arrive and pay together to get group discount)
Under 27/students with a valid Student ID: 85 DKK (incl. Special Exhibition)
Under 18: Free
Tuesday: Free
Special Exhibition Tuesday: 60 DKK
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