The Enigmatic Collecter. H. Jacobsen's Pinacotheca

The Enigmatic Collecter. H. Jacobsen’s Pinacotheca

Helge Jacobsen (1882-1946) lived in the shadow of his famous father Carl Jacobsen, yet as a museum director and foundation chairman he has been of immeasurable importance for two of Denmark’s leading art institutions: the Glyptotek and the New Carlsberg Foundation.

The Enigmatic Collector tells the story of Helge Jacobsen’s passion as an art collector, which lead to the creation of the Glyptotek’s unique collection of French 19th-century art with works by artists like Paul Gauguin, Èdouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Claude Monet.

The book is richly illustrated with the paintings Helge Jacobsen secured for the collection of the Glyptotek and over 100 photographs accompanying chapters charting his life and the conflicted relationship he had with his father.

ISBN 9788711983829
nr. of pages 224
Additional Info Tom Hermansen , Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 2020,
H 32.7 cm
W 25 cm
Weight 1600 g

149,00kr. (about 17 €)

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