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Etruria II

The Glyptotek’s Etruscan collection contains artefacts from sanctuaries and necropolises. The early tomb finds (900-750 BC) reflect the local culture, while the later burials bear witness to the Etruscans’ contact with other peoples of Eastern Mediterranean. Via Greek and Phoenician traders, customs and craft traditions were disseminated. This inspiration is recognizable in large areas of the Etruscans’ material culture: sculpture, bronzes and both the many forms and the types of ornamentation of their pottery. The Etruscan Collection is a narrative of one of the early European peoples, the local traditions and the “exotic” influences on them from beyond their borders.

ISBN: 9788774523529, nr. of pages: 569, Jette Christiansen , Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 2017, H:22 cm W:17 cm , 1255 g

149,00DKK (about 17 €)

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